Discover the " Three Sister Towns "

Eu, Mers-Les-Bains, Le Tréport

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If you are planning a stay on the Alabaster Coast soon, you can't miss discovering the towns of Eu, Mers-Les-Bains and Le Tréport, commonly known as "Les Trois villes soeurs". Nicknamed by their proximity, since only 4 kilometres separate them from each other, these cities with their exceptional historical heritage offer three distinct and complementary atmospheres. Come and discover these unmissable visits and organise your stay between Normandy and Picardy.  


Le Tréport

An authentic destination on the Albaster Coast, Le Tréport is a fishing town that lives at the rhythm of the tides. Here, you can contemplate among other things the highest chalk cliffs in Europe. But don't worry, that's not all! As early as 1880, at a time when seaside tourism was in full swing, the town of Le Tréport took advantage of this natural asset to suggest the idea of a tourist attraction that would become the most ingenious on the Alabaster Coast: its funicular railway. 

Photo : Funiculaire du Tréport @Andrée Seguin-Maucci

Inaugurated in the 20th century, the latter, entirely dug in chalk, connects the lower to the upper town. During your ascent, you will observe its vaulted arches made of bricks and entirely built by men's hands. Then, on arrival, like a postcard, the whole panorama of the "Three Sister Towns" will be revealed to you. Good plan: if you can't take the funicular, note that the bravest people can also climb the 365 steps to reach this high point from the “Quartier des cordiers”.

Photo : Vue des Terrasses @Catherine Pelcat

In addition to this emblematic construction, this town hides unsuspected treasures that you can also discover through its picturesque streets such as the Quartier des cordiers. Here, while some people will go in search of the magnificent frescoes of rue l'Anguainerie, or of the Croix de Grès and the imposing Saint-Jacques church, others will appreciate its casino, its busy quayside, its beach with its colourful huts, or quite simply a walk along the pier to meet the lighthouse at Le Tréport. You can also discover its military heritage, with the Commonwealth war graves and the unusual remains of the Kahl-Bürg. Then, to finish, wandering through the streets, don’t miss searching for the ceramic plaques and different messages left on the Le Tréport houses. #Normandyandyou: Did you know that pebbles from Le Tréport were exported straight into England for the manufacture of the prestigious Wedgwood porcelain?

Photos : @Catherine Pelcat



Located on both the Norman and Picardy coasts, Mers-Les-Bains is a prime seaside resort that has experienced its development thanks to the arrival of the railways in the 19th century. Its seaside district includes more than 400 colourful villas classified as "Outstanding Heritage Sites". A direct heritage of the fashion for sea bathing, these sumptuous, preserved villas seem to be frozen in time, immersing you in the elegant atmosphere of the Belle Epoque.  You will enjoy contemplating these wonders of Art Nouveau and all the details that adorn these villas.

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Eu "Royal Town"


After visiting the Tréport and Mers-Les-Bains, like the British painter William Turner, head for the town of Eu to discover the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame and its organ dating back more than 400 years. Then continue with a royal visit, to the Château-Musée Louis Philippe. Classified as a historical monument, it contains unique historical objects with the Galerie de Guise as well as remarkably restored period furniture.  It is a wonder that surprised even Queen Victoria.  Its park and its French-style gardens will enhance your visit. Be sure to visit it when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. Then to finish your escapade, come and find out about glassmaking in the Bresle Valley at the Museum of Glass Traditions.

Other unmissable attractions nearby: The archaeological site of Briga, the riches of the Baie de Somme, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The towns of Ault, Le Crotoy, Saint-Valéry-Sur-Somme, Dieppe, and Etretat.

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