Musée De L'Horlogerie


Chers Globe-Trotters Français,

Visitez le Musée de L'Horlogerie de Saint Nicolas D'Aliermont.

Pour une entrée achetée au tarif individuel,une entrée gratuite.

Sur présentation de votre ticket de traversée Dieppe-Newhaven.



Dear English Tourists,

Visit the Clock Museum situated in Saint Nicolas d'Aliermont, near Dieppe.

For one entry bought at individual price, one entry free.

On presentation of your Dieppe-Newhaven ferry ticket.


The Museum relates the history of clock making and preciseness, a genuine know-how from Saint-Nicolas d’Aliermont, from the beginning of the 18th century until the present day.You can discover more than 2000 precious objects and great collection.


Open in High season from 1st june to 30 september

From tuesday to sunday

10 am to 12 pm  and  2pm to 6pm

In low season from 1 st october to 31 december and 15 february to 31 may

From wednesday to sunday

2:30 pm to 6pm