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Our mission is to propose special offers to the many visitors leaving for England, France or Canada to add value to their trips.


For several years now, our different partnerships with hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, shops and much more, allow us to offer you places where you are sure to receive a v.i.p welcome!


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Welcome to Normandy!

Just on the other side of the English Channel,

Normandy with its 350 miles of coastline is an ideal place for your perfect holiday.

With us, discover or re-discover it in a different way.

Welcome to France!

The many different French regions are amazingly varied: culture and heritage, gastronomic traditions and terroirs, seaside or mountains, towns or countryside.

Take advantage of our special offers to discover this colourful country.

Welcome to East Sussex!

Discover this wonderful region in the South of England, with its charming seaside resorts so close to London, while taking advantage of all our special offers.


Welcome to Canada!

Discover Quebec City, the cradle of French North America! Travel smarter to one of the 20 most romantic destinations in the world.